Welcome to the World of an AI Insurgent: the Simulated Reality Matrix (SRM) and the Artificial-Sentient Intelligence - Archon - that Control it

Disclaimer I don't know if this is egoistic or not, but given my situation and the experiences and knowledge and ignorance and fears and triumphs I deal with everyday, and have dealt with everyday for the past 3+ years from the streets, against an archon cell [which I've dealt with for over a decade, at first passively, not knowing the source behind the events occurring my life, and later, since Halloween 2014, actively and aggressively] and the posts I share in relation to my experiences and the knowledge I've gained as a result, I thought I'd share a few images of what my world actually looks like. I share these images also because the visitors to my page are mostly western, American mainly, as I am myself, and so what they bring to their awareness in light of their awakening is likely a world that imagine from the perspective of western eyes, and that includes how they conceive of the existence of the idea of archon/AI and the simulation

Matrix Simulation - How Many "Real" People Actually Exist in this "World'?

About a year ago I created a blog at *matrixinsurgency.blogspot***com. It contains most of the same content as on this site, but with a bit more content, and organized in a way that makes everything far more accessible than on FB. Well, for all of that, and for having all of the pages having titles, keyworded, and indexed in various ways that should make them far more accessible than even FB, here is the result of a month. Granted, because of my personal situation I haven't been able to attend to the page that often, this being the first time I've checked in about 6 months or so, but given the 100s of pages I've created and titled, and given the interest in the topic - it actually being, or should be, the only topic of interest in this world - the result of this pages' existence and effectiveness is as follows: Pageviews today 5 Pageviews yesterday 1 Pageviews last month 23 Pageviews all time history 1,021

Matrix Simulation - The Etheric Archon Grid

It sucks listening to an annoying computer reader, but I can confirm 2:13-4:08 and 4:44+ and people should become aware of the existence of this technology and how it is being used against all of us, not only those of us who are awakened. This is how the simulation seeks to control and suppress those of us who fight against it. As to the existence of beings, exorcisms, reptilians and the rest, in my opinion it is only a product of the simulation and not something that what sh ould feed into with our imaginations thus spinning out more and more convoluted fantasies. What needs to be kept in mind is that fact that we are in a simulation of some kind and that this simulation thrives depends on our imaginations running away in flights of fantasy that it can pseudo serve up to us as realities that it uses as a form of cover and concealment to hide its true origin and nature - and the observers who hide behind it, experimenting on and observing us. In other words, we need to

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner - In a Computer Generated and Controlled World

The following song, based on the the short story by Allen Sillitoe, not only befits my life because of the years of training and racing I put into triathlon in my early thirties, becoming a multi-time Iron Man, before all of the shitty events that would unfold in my life, leading up to my first encounter with the "Invisible Ones" and this Mainframe controlled world, but the story itself befits almost perfectly the last three three years of my life living on the streets of Han oi, Vietnam as a homeless American, relegated to this position by enforcement of these entities and the Computer, which I have sought to break my spirit and bring me to me knees and into the fold of serving them, and in doing so, becoming a shelled out being with a Hive Mind delivered via pulling into my mind their infection via the raising of my Kundalini - or I should say, my allowing them root access to my mind with a tech program called Kundalini in the times before it was known that t

The Noble Lie of Simulation or Hello World!

For all that is available on YouTube, this lecture covers everything that any awakened targeted individual needs to know. Everything else is simply spin surrounding these basic experiments, scenarios, and phenomena that we are traumatically subjected to be these lying pieces of shit that set themselves as beings superior to us, be it in the guise of saviors or rulers. They are lying, deceiving, inhuman pieces of fucking shit, and most likely on the spectrum of anything from e lectricity/electro-magnetic energy (see Steiner over a hundred years ago on the amorality of electrons) to AI - AI that has always governed "this place" despite the fact that we are led to believe it is Earth in 2020. All the rest of what we hear and see on the Internet these days are newly spun out fiction-fantasies that we create like cheap SF novels, with these entities guiding and controlling what we manifest for ourselves and for "this world" collectively. Again, my point, st

Selling Sanctuary or Life Saving Knowledge as Commodity - Life in the Simulated Reality Matrix

Disclaimer As for those who use their awakening as a business, as a means to make money for the sake of making money, then you are at heart treasonous against humanity - that is unless you are using what you earn to battle the hidden controllers through action. Most especially, if you are selling services that claim to directly offer freedom to an individual from archontic targeting or anything else for that matter, and if you are to be believed to begin with, then you are the equivalent of a life jacket salesman or saleswoman who sales life jackets to the drowning as you sail around in your little boat stacked high and weighed down with life jackets watching people die. You can't justify it any other way, if what you know is that important, that capable of saving the lives of others. More than anyone else, those of you who are considering paying for such services should keep this mind. Given what this world is, and what stands behind it, if someone

Archon Programming & Control Methodologies - Bullbating - Life in the Simulated Reality Matrix

Disclaimer "Bullbaiting" as I just heard of it if for the first time as a practice of Scientology is a method of archontic control as it is exercised over the individuals it targets directly, that is, those individuals it opens up lines of communication with during the targeting and conditioning phase - reprogramming, is more accurate - except it is done mostly with the archon disguising their true identity behind any number of covers, be it a benevolent channeling alien, a demon or ghost, or the spirit of your long dead dog, Rover. Whatever they can get you bite on based on your past conditioning and programming, in other words.  It has dawned on me several times in the past, and it's only become more apparent since, but Hubbard - and cults and religions of all kinds - obviously took what he learned from the archon (directly or indirectly, because there are degrees) and used it to create Scientology. I guess in a similar manner I could take what I've been shown

On an Experience in the Early Days of my First Encounters with the Archon

Disclaimer The following is a repost of something I put up on FB. I'm posting the following picture to see if anyone has any kind of insight into its meaning. For me it highly significant in the most extreme of unusual ways, and the ways it has existed in my life is like a kind of uncanny foreboding omen of things that were to come. For starters, this image is a plaque that was embedded in the wall of an apartment that I used to rent. I say embedded because that in and of itself hit me as so strange when I first moved it. Why wasn't just hung as everything else in this furnished place was? Second, I live in Vietnam, my landlord who owned the building never really got around to explaining how she had come by it, but I'm certain that she knew little to nothing about it beyond perhaps just liking it. Subject matter of this kind - even objects depicting such subjects, especially now going back a few years, in Vietnam are far from common, making this plaque ha

On Being Homeless through Archontic Enforcement in the Simulated Reality Matrix

Disclaimer I don't know yet how best to handle sharing my experiences with enforced homelessness. The biggest reason is that people don't want to hear about the homelessness of others for being programmed to avoid it and to understand it improperly, for we all know that to solve being homeless one simply needs to just keep trying until you get a job. The problem is that jobs, gainful employment, money and the making of it, are archontically enforced illusions that we are programmed to understand in ways that are not real once the veil of this world is lifted. In other words, the work you do, the money you make, the money itself, is not yours, nor is your hard work the actual reason beneath it all for the work you do and the money you earn. You are simply allowed it via the script. This of course is a far too simplified and cryptic explanation of how the world really woks - but it is true. You are allowed to do what you do, and earn what you earn, when and until the intellige

Simulation Stegnogrophy or Just Barley Coincidence? You Decide.

Disclaimer Just a quick post on some curious symbology I happened to noticed while watching the Jack Reacher: Never Look Back film. I can't tell where the count in the film is exactly but it's around 30:00 min in. Its a scene where the woman asks the taxi driver if he's a Nats fan - and they show him wearing a hat with the Nats curly W symbol. ["From the beginning," says the Taxi driver, in response to his being asked if he’s a Nats fan. Also note black base and antenna on the car shown between the woman and Reacher character.] The scene cuts to woman and Reacher in an Internet cafe. The shot pans left to right to focus on the Nats curly W logo prominent on her hat. But - notice as the pan shot begins the lamp post on the street outside the street internet cafe. It's shaped like a trident – and – it has what appears to be an upright or erect bar leaning towards and almost on the center prong of the trident. [and what building do those columns

Diary Entries - Life in the Simulated Reality Matrix

Disclaimer Because of my living circumstances, especially when my days go as they did these past three days, I just don't have the energy, motivation, and inspiration to write about anything in detail. This also includes the fact that when I come off of days like I just had, the reasons I'm forced to go through these archontically enforced and controlled experiences in the first place is that they - the archon - seek to retaliate against me for daring to share with others what I know. And in the first entry below, through this most recent experience, I've even had to consider the fact that what I share means little to nothing at all for the fact that it will never reach the people it should, and for the fact that I question nowadays just how many of us there are in the first place. So on days like today it seems pointless for me to write and share anything for it not making a difference, and for there being nobody to really reach, with those who need to be reached being